Certified K-9
Narcotic Search
& Detection Unit

Drug Detection Dogs inspect your facilities for the presence of illegal drugs. This is the same effective tool that U.S.Customs uses at border crossings. These specially trained dogs can find the scent of nearly all illegal drugs. They have been trained to simply sit when they locate an illicit drug and place their nose in or on the container where it is located. This passive alert
is highly effective because it does not raise unnecessary anxiety levels on location.

By law, both companies and educational institutions must maintain a drug free workplace. Random detection by visiting dogs is a less interfering inspection method than all other alternatives. These unannounced surveys create a strong psychological deterrent against anyone using or selling drugs in these environments.

Drugs in the workplace cost companies and employers million of dollars per year in losses
in productivity, workers compensation claims, liability law suits and bottom line profits. Nearly 67% of people entering the workplace with 44% having used them in the past year(N.I.D.A.)

Is your company or school experiencing some of the symptoms of drug use? Let us help.

Drug Testing in Business

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Drug Testing in Schools

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Our dog Ranger visiting San Benito High School