Many organizations Endorse Drug Testing in Schools and the Workplace

By law, both companies and educational institutions must maintain a drug fee environment. Random detection by visiting dogs is a less interfering inspection method than other alternatives. These unannounced surveys create a strong psychological deterrent against anyone using or selling drugs in these areas.


Wonder Woofs  is a privately owned company that works in collaboration with schools, families, and businesses to discreetly conduct drug, alcohol, and gun powder detection searches.

  • ​Is not affiliated with law enforcement agencies.
  • ​Does not notify the police, court systems, and/or department of social services of our findings.
  • Has certified and insured dog and handler teams.
  • ​Only uses Golden Retrievers.
  • ​Proactive approach to dealing with society's safety issues.

" ...over 85% of high school students and 4% of middle school students report seeing drugs used, sold, or stored on campus..."*

​"...50% of teens in treatment programs say they have used drugs for at least 2 years before their parents knew..."*

​"...more than 70% of substance abusers hold jobs. One worker in four ages 18-34yrs used drugs in the past year and one in three knows of drug sales in the workplace..."*

​*Substance Abuse Research

The Benefits of Hiring Wonder Woofs:

  • Affordable and reliable detection dogs that offer you security and peace of mind.
  • ​It is the least invasive method to staff/students/employees and the most cost effective; a direct method of detecting and eradicating contraband in the workplace.
  • ​Have local written referrals which prove the effectiveness of Wonder Woofs in reducing student drug suspensions.
  • ​Have written student testimonials which demonstrate that the school assemblies and classroom visits enable students to make positive life changes.
  • ​Provides PROACTIVE and CONFIDENTIAL solutions to counteract these statistics.

​Services to Schools:

  • Conducts drug, alcohol, and gun powder searches.
  • Provides age appropriate drug awareness assemblies for K-12​.
  • Offers classroom visits to empower students to help keep their school safe.
  • ​Has proven experience empowering students to take a stand against drugs, gang participation, and violence I their schools.
  • Can provide testimonials from school administrators and students about the effectiveness of its services.

​Services to Homes:

  • ​Ensures a confidential method to determine if someone in the home is involved with drugs or other illegal activities.
  • ​Gives parents or caregivers an immediate indication of a potential life threatening problem or peace of mind.
  • Handlers can provide resources and information which parents can use to deal with the matter privately and confidentially.​

Services to Businesses:

  • ​Can provide services to offices, private events; drug treatment facilities; searching cubicles, common areas, vehicles, and storage areas.
  • ​Ensures a non-confrontational way to discover drug use and/or guns in the buildings.
  • Acts as an agent of the business to determine "reasonable suspicion" for searches.

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