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Wonder Woofs is committed to helping ensure a safe learning environment for our children. We offer drug awareness demonstrations at all school age levels and search teams for junior and high school levels. Wonder Woofs is not a law enforcement agency, we are here to help educate and deter drug use in schools. School searches are offered up to three times a week and up to three hours per visit. We use Golden Retrievers for detecting contraband that may be on school grounds. By using Golden Retrievers, we have found that kids are more receptive to our presence and are more willing to ask us questions. Our dogs will indicate when drugs, alcohol, or gun powder is present while searching school perimeters, lockers, cars, bicycles, and backpacks. The dogs and handlers also serve as a visual deterrent for kids while on campus.

Wonder Woofs is currently a service offered to schools for drug searches and demonstrations a little to no cost. We do look for funding from sponsors that believe in the Wonder Woofs mission to keep our learning environments safe and drug free. This is simply a local solution to one of our nation's most prominent problems. As Wonder Woofs grows, we are looking forward to helping train new dogs and handlers to help reach out to any community that would like our assistance. It is important that we maintain high standards of training our dogs, housing our dogs, and protecting the environment of our dogs. Future handlers will also be held to high standards. Wonder Woofs believes that our children should have and deserve a safe learning environment to help them achieve their dreams for the future.

Wonder Woofs encourages students to take part in ensuring a drug free zone at schools. Student councils can use the opportunity to supply literature and talk with other kids about the program. These types of activities help empower our kids to take a stand in helping keep their school safe and a drug free zone.

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By law, both companies and educational institutions must maintain a drug fee environment. Random detection by visiting dogs is a less interfering inspection method than other alternatives. These unannounced surveys create a strong psychological deterrent against anyone using or selling drugs in these areas.

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Many organizations Endorse Drug Testing in Schools and the Workplace