• "...Since the inception of the program, student suspensions due to possession of drugs have decreased. Their presence on campus is a major deterrent to students bringing drugs or paraphernalia to school..." Barbara Martinez, High School Assistant Principal / Safe School Coordinator (May 2013)

  • ​"...I originally requested to work with the Wonder Woofs program due to several drug related suspensions and searches we had at the beginning of the year. Since the Wonder Woofs program started in March, it has been very positive for our school community and has been supported by our student ASB group and our PTO. Our drug related suspensions totaled 6 from Sept. to Feb. Since the program we have had 0 drug related suspensions and 0 individual or group related searches..."

  • "...Teachers have reported the environment has been safer and suspicions of drug related activities are almost non existent..."  ​Elaine Klauer Principal (April 2013)

  • ​"...The content of your lesson and demonstration were just the sparks needed to start discussions among teachers, parents, and students about the effects of alcohol, drugs, and tobacco on a person's life..." ​The Students, Staff, and Parents of Jefferson Elementary School (December 2014)

  • ​"...We began utilizing their services in September of 2012, and have had them running their two narcotic dogs through different sections of our campus, on an average of twice a week. We are happy to report that we have had a significant decrease in drug related suspensions since last school year..."

  • ​"...Another piece of favorable and recent data is that we had no alerts on any of the student vehicles that were sniffed in our student parking lot last week. This is a positive trend, as all previous student parking lot searches resulted in multiple alerts from their dogs..."

  • ​"...One of the other benefits to utilizing Wonder Woofs is that their dogs are non-aggressive search dogs..."

  • ​"...The tow dogs that Sean and Janelle work with do not give off an aggressive presence, nor do students or staff feel intimidated by them. This is a benefit to us, as we want to prevent the possession of drugs on our campus while simultaneously providing a safe and welcoming environment for staff and students..." Adrian Ramirez High School Assistant Principal (May 2014)

  • ​"...The response we have received from parents has been overwhelmingly supportive. In fact, when we initiated the program at the start of school year the applause was incredible...Parent support is extremely important when implementing ay school measure in support of drug prevention and awareness..."

  • ​"...They have only been on our school campus for a short period of time, but have made an impact on the overall safe feel of this campus. The level of service Wonder Woofs has provided with regards to respecting the school's culture and the student's privacy without compromising the effective use of their dogs has been greatly appreciated..."

  • ​"...They are very professional and it is clear they have put in a lot of time training with their partners. Just their presence on our campus has truly made a difference; showing that we take drug prevention and awareness seriously..."  Joel Gonzalez, Director of Security (March 2014)

  • ​"...Given the successful implementation of the program at Rancho San Justo Middle School, the District has authorized the implementation of the Wonder Woofs program at other District schools and would provide a positive reference to other school districts interested in the implementation of the program in their schools..." Gary McIntyre, Ed.D., Hollister School District Superintendent (March 2014)

  • ​"...Every school lists safety as a priority when establishing the culture of the community. Studies have shown that when students feel safe, their learning improves. An important aspect of the drug and alcohol prevention program a Pacific Grove Middle School is the presence of Wonder Woofs and the service they provide..."

  • ​"...The students and staff enjoy having the dogs and trainers on campus because the searches are done in a non-threatening manner, When students encounter the dogs, Sean and Janelle have positive interactions with the students, pausing to answer any questions they have in a friendly, engaging manner..." Buck Roggeman Middle School Principal (January 2014)