​​Services to Homes

​Research shows that parents are typically the last to know about drugs, alcohol and other contraband use. Further, kids can be influenced by new friends they meet everyday. Most drug and alcohol use starts with recreational purposes, or from a trusted source where the substance is believed not to be dangerous.

Substance Abuse Research shows;

"...teens as young as 13 have already used drugs as powerful as cocaine. If they get caught, they could face jail time..."

​"...it is important for parents to be proactive in finding out if their children or anyone living in their homes is involved in illicit drugs..."

​"...early detection is widely regarded as the key to prevention..."


  • Parents/caregivers cannot handle potential financial burden associated with defending a teen offender privately.
  • The teenager may not be prosecuted and a have a criminal record which could jeopardize his/her future.

Wonder Woofs offers:

  • ​Parents/caregivers a discreet solution to confirm or disprove the presence of drugs, alcohol, or guns.
  • ​A search whose scope is determined by the parents/caregivers which could encompass all the rooms, garage, vehicles, and adjacent buildings on the property.
  • ​A confidential search conducted when the person of interest is not present to avoid conflict, feelings of anger or resentment, or embarrassment.

What happens during the sweep?

  • ​Parents/caregivers control the entire process from beginning to end.
  • ​Parents/caregivers determine areas to be checked by the detection dogs.
  • While searching the dog will indicate by either barking or sitting when he/she detects an odor.
  • ​The handler will stop and advise parents/caregivers.
  • ​Parents/caregivers will be allowed the opportunity to handle situation at your discretion.
  • The dogs will not damage your furnishings or home.

Wonder Woofs handlers;

  • ​Do not locate or dispose of any found drugs, paraphernalia, alcohol, or guns.
  • Will provide parents/caregivers with resources and information to deal with the situation on request.
  • ​Will not notify the police, court systems, and/or department of social services of findings
  • Will keep all searches and findings CONFIDENTIAL.

​A search of your home, auto, and garage is recommended, if for no other reason then to set your mind at ease. Since it is confidential there is no harm don if results show house I clear. However, you would not want to miss the opportunity to intervene and help your child if the results show there is a problem.