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Our Staff


​​​Wonder Woofs is owned by Sean and Janelle Haggett. They have been in operations since 2012 and are certified by                 Drug Beat.

At Wonder Woofs;

  • ​All dog handlers are certified and insured to provide detection services.
  • ​Include a retired law enforcement officer with a decade of school interventions as a resource officer, crime prevention, truancy, and at-risk programs.
  • ​The dogs are certified as K9 narcotic detection dogs and one as a comfort/therapy dog.

Sean Haggett and Ranger

​Sean has been a Certified K9 Narcotics dog handler since 2011. Sean

​has a passion for working with his dog Ranger and prices himself on

doing the best job possible for his clients. Sean has over 2000 training hours.

                                                              Janelle Haggett and her dogs; Sparks, Lady Sapphire Warrior, and Ugi

  •                                                 ​*   ​Janelle has been training dogs since her early childhood.

                                                          *  She started professionally training dogs in 2003.

​                                                          *  Janelle has over 5000 hours of training experience.

​                                                          *  Janelle handles three of the Wonder Woofs dogs.

​                                                          *  Janelle and Sparks have been a certified drug detection team since 2011.

​                                                          *  Janelle and Ugi have been  a certified as a comfort/therapy dog and                      

​                                                              handler for special needs students since 2014.

​                                                          *  Janelle and Lady Sapphire Warrior have been certified team since 2015. 

Karen Kinkaid and Seeley New to the Wonder Woofs team in 2016

​*  Karen is a retired law enforcement officer with 20 years experience and a passion

   for children and dogs.

*  She graduated from CSU Fresno with a degree in education.

​*  Karen tested and became a school resource officer, where she oversaw 40+ K-12

   school campuses for 3 years.

​* She planned a 3 day conference aimed at teaching conflict resolution and positive

problem solving with activities  for building self-esteem and "girl power."

​​* Karen supervised a city truancy center, where she worked with counselors and

​families on truancy, gang, and family issues.

​* Recipient of the "Spirit of Excellence" award for the "Young Women's Conference"

from News Channel 11/NBC Bay Area (2000)

*Karen and Seeley were certified as a drug detection team in the fall of 2016.



                                                         ​Luther Evans, Evolution Dog Training (Atwater, CA)

                                                                                                       ​Senior Advisor to Wonder Woofs


​                                                                * Luther has over 62 years experience in the field of canine training and animal  

​                                                                behavior, from military to law enforcement to private operations, specializing in

                                                                advanced canine training.

​                                                                * Evolution Dog Training is a California POST Evaluator and a Drug Beat

                                                                Certifying Agent, a board member of the International Explosive Detection Dogs

                                                                Association and California Narcotics Canine Association member.

  * Luther provides training and certification for K9 Narcotic Detection, Patrol / Apprehension, and K9 Bomb Detection, K9

​  Tracking, Assistance Service Dogs, Hearing Dogs, Therapy and AKC Good Citizen.