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How does a dog find evidence of drugs, alcohol, or gun powder?

  • A dog’s nose is 1000’s times more powerful than a human.

  • Detection dogs undergo weeks of specialized training to hunt for a wide band of drugs, alcohol, and gun powder.

  • The dogs do not bring contraband to the handlers.

  • They are trained to sit/and or bark (called an “alert”) by a suspicious area. 

  • Handlers mark and log that area.

How often should a school/home/business conduct a dog search?

  • There are no established guidelines for the effectiveness of random searches.

  • The frequency is determined in collaboration with the clients based on perceived need, findings of past searches, and the current cultural environment.
  • Regularly scheduled visits act as a deterrent to further illicit behaviors and it is important to ensure the intervention is successful.

 Parents trust their children, why should they use Wonder Woofs?

  • 50% of all high school graduates report having tried illicit drugs.
  • Monitoring children’s drug use is no more intrusive than monitoring their internet use.

How accurate are these dogs?

  • Our detection dogs are highly trained and certified.
  • Our dogs can precisely pinpoint the source of a target odor which eliminates any guesswork about contraband that is hidden.

 How often should I use this type of service?

  • Frequency will depend on the individual needs of the client.
  • Some clients may want only one search to rid the problem, while others may want to schedule regular visits to provide a consistent deterrent.
  • Research shows when drug sweeps are performed regularly, it is often enough to deter illegal behaviors.

How long does a search take?

  • This will depend on a number of factors.
  • Factors that affect the time of search are: the size of the area to be searched; if vehicles, parking lots, multiple buildings need to be checked; and the number of dogs that used to conduct the searches.

Can you provide a demonstration of your dog’s capabilities?

  • Yes. We are happy to provide a demonstration of our dog and handlers proficiencies and professionalism.
  • Demonstrations can be viewed on Wonder Woof’s Facebook page or YouTube.

As a parent, why would I need your services?

  • Our services can give a parent peace of mind about the activities of their children.
  • Our services are confidential and can either confirm or dispel parents’ suspicions about their child’s activities.